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All code in this section has been subjected to the rigorous test procedure required by the WoMM certification program. You have been warned :-)


My all time favorite language. Originally written as a text processing language, it has evolved and expanded to truly make simple things simple and hard things possible. I have written complex publishing systems and e-commerce solutions for the web, I have done real-time OpenGL graphics and more internet servers and CGI solutions than I can count.

After my company was dissolved, most of my perl code lies unused these days, but I still have some pet projects that I play with from time to time.


Playing around with Linux, sooner or later you will find yourself snooping around in C code sooner or later. If nothing else, to try and figure out why a certain piece of code refuses to compile, or to disable some moronic "feature" that should have been possible to turn off with a command-line switch.

Perhaps later I'll put some of my own code here for others to see, but for now I just make a couple of patches available here.


I started playing around with C++ as late as 2006, for one very simple reason: I couldn't do OpenGL shaders on my Matrox card in Perl/SDL, so I wanted to try it with C++/SDL instead. When that wouldn't work either, I moved on to DirectX. The Offworld project started as a port from Perl, but has been rewritten from scratch several times now.

C++ purists will probably have one or two things to say about my code, you have been warned.

Commodore 64

Who can resist the power of the 64? These days I usually play around with the CCS64 Emulator, but I still have the real thing down in my basement :-)